Children & Students Sunday School Policy

Children and Students Sunday School
As of August 1, 2022

General Overview

  • Currently, Grace Covenant Baptist Church provides 5 age-based Sunday School classes for children and students through 12th grade: Infants (0-2), Toddlers (2-Pre-K), K-2nd Grade, 3rd – 6th grade, 7th-12th grade.
  • For each class, there are both a primary teacher and a primary assistant assigned. Those 2 people may coordinate teaching responsibilities as they see fit (e.g. same teacher each week, rotation of teaching duties, etc.)

Teacher Coverage

  • In accordance with GCBC children’s ministry policy, a minimum of 2 teachers are required during each class session. To ensure this requirement is met each week, GCBC has established primary and secondary backup teachers who can fill in when regular teachers are sick, out of town, etc.
  • The regular teacher or assistant who will be out on any given Sunday is responsible for contacting the primary backup (or secondary backup if the primary backup is not available) and communicating with the other teacher to make sure everything is coordinated for that Sunday (who is teaching, who is assisting, etc.)
  • Should any problems arise where, even with the primary and secondary backup options, there are not 2 teachers available for a Sunday, one of the elders should be contacted to decide how to proceed.
  • In the event teachers, assistants, or backups decide that they no longer can serve in their role – or if they desire a different role – they should contact one of the elders who can make arrangements for a replacement or reassignment.

Students and Promotion

It is important to note that the following are general guidelines. There may be reasons (e.g. maturity level, reading ability, etc.) why a child is retained in an existing class or advanced more quickly to the next class than the general guideline would otherwise provide. When it is time to promote under the general guidelines, parents should consult with the existing and promotional class teachers to make sure the general guidelines are appropriate for the child. Any concerns or disagreement should be brought to the attention of the elders for input.

  • Sunday School promotion Sunday occurs the first Sunday in August.
  • Normally, students will be assigned to a class based upon the grade they are entering that school year.
  • Infants are moved to the toddler class upon turning 2 – not based on the normal August promotion period.

Sunday School and 1 Timothy 2:12

  • The elders at GCBC have established that men will serve in teaching/assistant/backup roles for
    classes with students 7th grade or higher. Ladies will serve in teaching/assistant/backup roles for
    all classes through 6th grade

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