Date                     Speaker                       Title

09/13/2009        Michael Gaydosh      Moses Speaks to a New Generation (1:1-5)

09/20/2009        Steve Cowan              Review of God’s Dealings with Israel (Pt. 1) (1:6-2:15)

09/27/2009        Darrell Cook               Review of God’s Dealings with Israel (Pt. 2) (2:16-3:29)

10/04/2009        Michael Gaydosh      The Exhortation of Moses (4:1-40)

10/11/2009        Louie Davis                 Preparation for the Covenant (4:41-49)

10/18/2009        Steve Cowan              The Ten Commandments Redux (5:1-33)

10/25/2009        Michael Gaydosh      Exposition of the 1st Commandment: The Lord Is One! (6:1-25)

11/01/2009        Louie Davis                 Exposition of the 1st Commandment: The Conquest (7:1-26)

11/08/2009        Steve Cowan              Exposition of the 1st Commandment: Don’t Forget the Lord (8:1-20)

11/15/2009        Michael Gaydosh      Exposition of the 1st Commandment: By Grace, not Works (9:1-29)

11/22/2009        Darrell Cook               Exposition of the 1st Commandment: What Does the Lord Require of You? (10:1-22)

11/29/2009        Steve Cowan              Exposition of the 1st Commandment: Rewards of Obedience and Disobedience (11:1-32)

12/06/2009        Steve Cowan              Exposition of the 2nd Commandment: The Worship of a Holy People (12:1-31)

12/13/2009        Michael Gaydosh      Exposition of the 3rd Commandment: A Call to Faithfulness and Separation (12:32-14:21)

12/20/2009        Darrell Cook               Exposition of the 4th Commandment: The Tribute of a Holy People (14:22-16:17)

12/27/2009        Darrell Cook               Exposition of the 5th Commandment: The Leader of a Holy People (16:18-18:22)

01/03/2010        Steve Cowan              Exposition of the 6th Commandment: Just and Unjust Homicide (19:1-20:20)

01/10/2010        Louie Davis                 Exposition of the 6th Commandment: Respecting Life (21:1-14)

01/17/2010        Michael Gaydosh      Exposition of the 7th Commandment: Practice of Purity (21:15-22:30)

01/24/2010        Steve Cowan              Exposition of the 8th Commandment: Respecting Property (23:1-24:7)

01/31/2010        Michael Gaydosh      Exposition of the 9th & 10th Commandments: Honesty and Contentment (24:8-25:19)

02/07/2010        Louie Davis                Covenant Confirmation and Exhortation (26:1-19)

02/14/2010        Steve Cowan              Curses and Blessings (27:1-29:1)

02/21/2010        Michael Gaydosh      Choose Life! (29:2-30:20)

02/28/2010        Michael Gaydosh      Preparation for What Lies Ahead (31:1-29)

03/07/2010        Michael Gaydosh      The Song of Moses (31:30-32:47)

03/14/2010        Michael Gaydosh      The Blessing of Moses (32:48-33:29)

03/21/2010        Michael Gaydosh      The Death of Moses and the Charge to Joshua (34:1-12)

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